Europe – The Final Countdown (1986)

April 29, 2022
Europe – The Final Countdown (1986)

The Final Countdown is the title of this album, of course also the single, and its also the title of the band’s ‘best of’ album too. For a group that apparently doesn’t like to milk their biggest hit, that’s a bad look. I understand there’s probably a ton of label meddling in these decisions, but still.

I’ve always loved the title track, since I was a wee lad studying music in school. So I figured it was high time to check out the full album and give these guys some real time and effort. Unfortunately, it’s just not very good. I’m sure this album has its fans, and I must admit the warm analogue production is an absolute pleasure to hear, but the songs are generally very uninspired and the ballads are best forgotten about. It’s not for me.

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