Killing Joke – Outside The Gate (1988)

March 23, 2022
Killing Joke – Outside The Gate (1988)

This is arguably the catalyst for the initial destruction of the original run of the band in the 80s. I’ve seen it called a band unravelling, a misled attempt at a solo project, or also the work of intense vanity from certain members of the group. But how does it sound?

To my knowledge, Geordie and Jaz go it alone on this effort, with a hired band of session musicians. It sounds… like a really super polished version of Night Time. To be fair, the songwriting is pretty good, and whilst this is easily the most wishy washy release the band ever did, the instrumentation and vocals are spot on for the kind of genre and atmosphere the record aims to create. The one place where Outside The Gate fails however, is it is missing that Killing Joke identity. Whatever style of music the band has put its hand to over the last several decades, it still sounds like Killing Joke. Outside The Gate does not. Sure, Jaz Coleman is unmistakable. But that’s it. And that’s a big deal.

So, in conclusion, this isn’t anywhere near as bad as some people make out. I would however definitely start elsewhere if you are new to Killing Joke.

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