Snoop Dogg – Malice N Wonderland (2009)

March 6, 2022
Snoop Dogg – Malice N Wonderland (2009)

Well then….. lol. I got this from a charity shop I think in 2013 or at the latest 2014. I used to work part time collecting dead peoples clothes that charity shops couldn’t sell. They’d sell the clothes to my company by weight, so the money would still be going to good causes, and we’d collect the clothes in high volumes and take them back to HQ to be pulped and turned into fuck-knows-what. This give me access to multiple CD bargain bins per day, and I got me some classics (and some stinkers) for next to nothing.

Snoop’s Malice N Wonderland is probably closer to a stinker than it is to a classic. I remember listening to it at the time and thinking, damn now I’m gonna have to Lines In Wax this awful CD haha! Well, 8 or possibly 9 years later, here we are folks.

Forget any notion that this is as good or even comparible in sound, both in production terms and vocal delivery, to classic Snoop Dogg. Granted, the legendary rapper has adopted a smoothness over the years which heavily plays in his favour but this is so undeniably bland nothing I can say can really save it.

There’s nothing wrong with the lyrics per se I just don’t really find any of the songs interesting and for that reason it’s also probably time to wind this review up because there’s nothing more I can really add, positive or negative.

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