Etienne Daho – Pop Satori (1986)

March 6, 2022
Etienne Daho – Pop Satori (1986)

Since September 2019 I’ve had a private Telegram channel in which I keep track of everything that I listen to. Once I’ve done a piece on LIW for that particular release, I delete the entry from the Telegram channel. Etienne Daho’s Pop Satori has been on that list since September 2019 lol. In fact, I remember listening to it, headphones on whilst lying on the sofa, my girlfriend not long pregnant with our son. She’d gone to bed early so I stretched out and enjoyed this.

I get Bete Noire / Taxi era Bryan Ferry vibes (perhaps this is the sort of thing that he sought to imitate?), and whilst some of these vibes and textures do tend to repeat themselves over the course of the album, it’s still an enjoyable listen. It’s on the gentler side of the 80s synthesizer and pop movements than I would usually partake in, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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