Dead Infection / Blood – Split 7″ (1994)

September 3, 2021
Dead Infection / Blood – Split 7″ (1994)

Put crackly old goregrind on crackly old vinyl and you have a combination that is always going to win out, in my opinion. Somehow, with wanton disregard for sound quality (I need to check my goregrind privilege), Dead Infection cram 8 minutes onto their side of the 7″ record. Some of these tracks I’m sure I’ve heard elsewhere, but they are extra grimey and disgusting here. I sometimes forget just how stunningly horrible (in the best way) Dead Infection were in their prime. RIP Cyjan.

Blood are Blood. 4/5 minutes or so of classic-era death-tinged grindcore is the order of the day. Bludgeoning, beating, unstoppable force. Honestly, these guys are just so good. A fantastic split, all in all. One of the all-time genre greats.

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