Faces Of Gore / Biocyst – Split CD (2007)

Faces Of Gore is an old Marc Palmen project (LDOH / Urine Festival). Here, reprinted as a split with Biocyst is the almost impossible to find demo entitled Bradyurethrorrhoea. Its not a far-cry from Urine Festival, or one of Bobby Maggard’s infinite gorenoise projects. It is sloppy, disgusting, and fantastic.

Biocyst on the other hand, seem really familiar to me but I don’t think I’ve ever heard them before. Honestly, its more of the as what Faces Of Gore did, only even more lo fi and even less put together. TLDR: If you love gorenoise, get on this, otherwise stay far, far away. (July 2021 edit: Turns out Biocyst is a Marc Palmen project too. Before Bobby Maggard, there was Marc Palmen! Haha!)