Ultracide – Pretty Farts PT 6

May 17, 2021
Ultracide – Pretty Farts PT 6

(I originally wrote this review back in 2014. Enjoy!)

Well, if there’s one thing in the universe I never ever expected to hear, it’s J. Randall doing some sort of noisy porno-goregrind shit. Enter Ultracide; the new project by the ANB / Seal Team 666 mastermind, which went up recently on Grindcore Karaoke. I can’t tell if it is a joke or not (it probably is) but luckily for me, I love this type of stuff. Ultracide’s first release, entitled Pretty Farts PT 6, includes 43 blasts of lo-fi gargling noise. Yummy!

I love the guitar sound particularly; it’s slick and blurry, and whilst no riffs are easily identifiable it adds a wicked backdrop wall of noise to the short tracks. The drums are obviously synthetic, but I can’t tell if they are programmed or played in by hand (like Urth, which may have heavily influenced the decision to release this record). Randall doesn’t have the best pitchshifted vocal effect in the world, I’ll be honest, but it’s lightyears above what many of this genre’s counterparts are capable of. It’s just not quite at LDOH or Rompeprop tier as of yet. 

The songs are crazy short and the entire thing is over in a matter of minutes, but it’s really worth a listen if you like your grind chaotic, noisy and slightly perverted. Looking forward to PT 7, or Pts 1-5, whichever comes next haha.

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