Haggus – Plausibility Of Putridity (2018)

April 14, 2021
Haggus – Plausibility Of Putridity (2018)

A Haggus full length is just what the planet needed. Of course, it takes yours truly here a few years to actually get around to listening to it, but boy, was it worth the wait. Hard not to be derivative, but Haggus does what Haggus does best, with its mincing stomps and gut-churning watery vocals.

I will mention however, that a lot of grindcore wonders that rise and fall on the international scenes, becoming golden favourites for a hot minute, can’t hold onto that magic when it comes to putting down the inevitable full length debut album. There are no such worries here, Haggus are perfectly capable of holding attention and keeping the gory groove alive in a more long form (for grind haha) format.

Long live Haggus.

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