Thought Gang – Thought Gang (2018)

The Thought Gang moniker has cropped up here or there on Twin Peaks soundtrack records (and the show itself, lets not forget). From the bizarre, softly spoken offerings on the FWWM OST, to the frenetic jazz given to The Return, it was awesome to finally listen to an album’s worth of material from this Lynch / Badalamenti collaberation project.

As perhaps predicted, this is a mixed bag of tunes, more of a collection than a solid album, what with some of these tracks nearing 30 years old now. My favourite piece has to be the epic and seemingly endless “Frank 2000” (part of which was looped for the Twin Peaks S3 Blu Ray menu), with its e t h e r e a l w h o o s i n g in spades and spades, something which Lynch appreciators such as myself have heavily come to fall in love with. Perhaps predictably, a strange one.