Korn – Untouchables (2002)

January 28, 2021
Korn – Untouchables (2002)

Untouchables was incredibly anticipated at the time, even more so on the strength of opening track and lead single “Here To Stay”. Even although in hindsight, the gap between this and the previous record was fairly short (3 years? Ish?), reports in media at the time had Untouchables down as some sort of Chinese Democracy style spiral of ridiculous cost and excess – a record stuck in studio purgatory.

When it did drop, Untouchables was seemingly met with a collective “meh”, and while it did have some incredibly strong tracks, the album itself just leaves you wanting more, but not in a good way. Couple that with the – for the time – highly polished sound, and Untouchables can be seen as something of a transitional record for Korn, and sadly, one of the last fully listenable records the band has released.

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