Rytelier & ASKII – Tamriel Rebuilt OST (2020)

November 21, 2020
Rytelier & ASKII – Tamriel Rebuilt OST (2020)

Those that know me in person surely no doubt know my undying love for the worlds of the Elder Scrolls, in particular parts 2 and 3, Daggerfall and Morrowind. The creative community around these game worlds is alive and kicking today, and Tamriel Rebuilt is a 18 year old mod (yes) that still continues to add swathes of new lands and adventures into TES III: Morrowind, arguably the best open world RPG in its vanilla incarnation.

After nearly 2 decades of work, Tamriel Rebuilt finally gets its own in-game OST, brought to you by the genius composers Rytelier and ASKII. Channelling the vibe of the original soundtrack by Jeremy Soule without imitating it, these two artists seamlessly take me back to my travels through the misty world of far-east Tamriel with their stunning atmospheric compositions. I need to update my game files so this thing is included. Truly excellent work.

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