Panic DHH – Panic Drives Human Herds (2004)

April 30, 2020
Panic DHH – Panic Drives Human Herds (2004)

I caught these guys supporting Mortiis all the way back in – I think – 2004. It was whenever he was touring The Grudge. Anyway, I remember absolutely nothing of the set as I was 14 and mainly there to have a goose at Mortiis’ show, but I stumbled upon the band’s only full length recently so decided to give it a spin.

Expect angry industrial. And when I say industrial, expect the NIN-vein of industrial, which is often hit or miss, with the upmost respect. A lot of mediocre goth / industrial stuff hides between cheap, tinny veneers of distortion, but Panic DHH throw tons of anger and adrenaline into this record. I am reminded in parts of Alec Empire, which is funny because when I looked this up on Discogs I noticed it had been released on Empire’s Digital Hardcore label.

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