Scorn – Whistle For It (2007)

April 19, 2020
Scorn – Whistle For It (2007)

Whistle For It is a one-off 10″ picture disc released in France back in 2007, featuring the title track and the weirdly titled “Born A Fielda Die A Fielda” on the flipside. The record is pretty rare, being a pressing of 500 and coming with a bunch of stickers and shit. It clocks in about £20 on Discogs and admittedly I don’t actually own it at the moment.

As for the tracks, they are, of course, fucking banging. They are quite long and showcase the lurching beatwork that was prevalent in the era of Scorn, which would only become heavier and more industrial and claustrophobic on Gravel Bed and Super Mantis, which came out not long after.

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