Scorn – White Irises Blind (1993)

White Irises Blind has the same kinda lifespan as Deliverance. It started life as a (once again, very long) EP before a reissue by Earache several years later turned it into a ten-track compilation of dubs and remixes. The title track is a bizarre mix of haunting and groovy. The minimal mix that follows only serves to cement this feeling. “Black Ash Dub” and “Drained” are more abstract, and “Host Of Scorpions” is just terrifying, to be honest.

As far as the additional compilation tracks go, there are some fucking outstanding remixes of “Heavy Blood” and “On Ice”. The downsides are a terribly executed remix of “Stairway” and an absolutely pointless cut version of “Lick Forever Dog” thrown in. This is not to be sniffed at, however. There are some fantastic tracks on this release.