Burzum – From The Depths Of Darkness (2011)

February 26, 2020
Burzum – From The Depths Of Darkness (2011)

As much as I initially enjoyed this reworking I still don’t really understand the whole point of this record. Like, why does it exist? It seems entirely un-Burzum to want to re-record past material in a more clear and well produced way. I suppose if the songs you released initially, even if loved all over the world, don’t match up to the vision you had as an artist, then that can be pretty frustrating.

It is a shame then, that From The Depths Of Darkness is so poor. The only way in which the new found clarity works is with the riffs; that morose, weeping black metal quality actually sings beautifully with less grime clogging up the aural stage. The drumming however, is artificial and horrendously lazy. It kinda worked on Belus (almost), even on Fallen, but not here. And those vocals…. again, the “new” material with new vocal styles, OK I can appreciate that. But, it does the old songs absolutely no justice.

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