Merzbow / Xiu Xiu – Merzxiu (2015)

June 12, 2019
Merzbow / Xiu Xiu – Merzxiu (2015)

Merzxiu is two back to back 20-minute slabs of experimental noise (are you surprised?) from two of the most experimental and well-respected artists in the entire left field of music. Merzbow, by now surely, needs no introduction. Xiu Xiu on the other hand, play a very unusual blend of styles, but have forayed into the noise world in the past.

The two tracks here, simply titled “A” and “B”, are slow, brooding, bubbling, crackling atmospheric soundscapes. As I grow older I prefer my harsh noise to show a bit of restraint alongside the sonic annihilation, and this release is the perfect, creeping balance. This could be a soundtrack to a very sinister movie. Highly recommended.

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