The Cramps – Stay Sick (1989)

March 11, 2018
The Cramps – Stay Sick (1989)

This band’s discography varies in quality for me, especially as time goes on. Perhaps amazingly, there are no massive, bulging stinkers, which is pretty impressive considering the length of their career and the apparent “simplicity” of the ingredients that make up their music. I feel that a dirgy, analogue sound lends itself to Cramps records much better than the clear, professional production jobs on their later albums. Stay Sick strikes a good balance between the two, and is a perfect starting point for somebody new to the band.

I love the horror shlock and the endless innuendo just seems to add to the sleazy vibe in spades, rather than come across as cringy or desperate. The swagger that carries the rocka/pyschobilly tinged punk snot has enough room about the hips for loads of smut to come along for a ride, and what a ride it is.

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