Godflesh – Songs Of Love And Hate (1996)

I forgot how much I love this record. Sure, it is not in what is considered the high-point of Godflesh’s career, but appreciators of their entire body of work such as yours truly can find a lot of pleasure in the less-trodden paths of the ‘Flesh. My main complaint is that the whole thing sounds a little flat, but this isn’t something that cannot be rectified by turnin’ ‘ting up a bit, ken? That hurdle aside, things can be appreciated fully.

I love the mix of melody and fuzzy heaviness here. There is something beautiful about the simplicity of Justin’s riffs; the abstract heaviness at points falling into almost nu-metal territory, but applied to such songs as “Wake”, “Hunter”, “Kingdom Come”, “Time, Death & Wastefulness”, and the beautiful “Frail”, all is forgiven. Brian Mantia was a strange choice for the band’s first drummer, considering his CV, but things gel together nicely, and along with Mr. Green’s meatgrinder bass, things slot together perfectly for a well-rounded album.