Tyler, The Creator – Wolf (2013)

December 27, 2017
Tyler, The Creator – Wolf (2013)

Wolf is the third album by Odd Future founder and, I suppose leader – Tyler, The Creator. It is a solid record that prominently develops the rapper’s style and direction, not only as a lyricist but mainly as a producer. Goblin, for all its entertaining malice, wallows in darkness. Wolf expands on Tyler’s off-key production style, adding more colours to his intrinsically different yet instantly recognisable track design.

Track-wise, the album begins proper with the howling “Jamba” and the lurching “Cowboy” (edit: is that an orgiastic moan in the background of “Jamba” or a girl shouting “Wolf!”? Ha!). Tyler’s lyrics are still rather obtuse and somewhat disturbing, but the sonic variety of the track structures really makes Wolf an easier and more varied listen than its predecessor. Other stand outs are “Domo23” (which sounds like it was leftover from Goblin), “48”, “Colossus” (which reminds me of Eminem’s struggles with fame and idolisation), the three-in-one medley of “PartyIsntOver / Campfire / Bimmer”, and “Rusty”.

That album cover, though? We ain’ gon talk ’bout that.

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