Gutulax – Shit Beast (2011)

December 16, 2017
Gutulax – Shit Beast (2011)

You can always count on porno/goregrind to keep things classy and hi-brow; to touch on society’s most pressing issues and philosophical dilemmas. In the case of Gutulax’s Shit Beast record, the maesters of flatulence ask the lifelong question: to dance or not to dance? With this many fart samples and songs about poo, the dilemma is a short lived one, as the answer is of course, yes. Shit Beast has enough tupa rhythms to get your gran dancing, and then some.

At this point in not only this review, but in my life as a whole, I’m starting to wonder if a track by track analysis is something I should even bother lending my time to here. I mean, these are songs about the brown stuff, perpetrated by a bunch of Europeans who wave toilet brushes around at their gigs. The particular nuances of said art-form’s songwriting can probably wait, although I will quickly acknowledge that “Asswolf” is a fucking brilliant song.

If you don’t fall into the small category of people who like to gather in the Czech Republic once a year and wave dildos at each other whilst in a circle pit, then I can’t imagine Gutalax is for you.

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