Action Bronson – SAAAB Stories (2013)

December 5, 2017
Action Bronson – SAAAB Stories (2013)

You better slow down baby! SAAAB Stories is the excellent debut EP by NY rapper Action Bronson, which has been out since June 2013 (holy mother!). I really need to pick up the pace with my reviews! Action is probably one of my favourite “modern” rappers that have come about within the last few years or so, and the SAAAB EP is a shining example of everything that makes his music so great, but tied up in a neat little package.

None of the tracks (except for one) are particularly long, and the content is quite fluid in nature, much like Bronson’s flow, allowing the whole journey to gel into one big trip, kinda like a short mix tape. As per usual with an Action Bronson release, Big Body Bes guests on a track, offering more of an aggressive form of hyping than anything relating to an actual verse. The tracks “Triple Backflip”, and “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” are monumental examples of the talent on display here, but my favourite of the release has to be “Alligator”, with its bizarre chorus and densely introspective, in-the-feels ending.

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