Kilslug – Sins, Tricks And Lies (2012)

October 20, 2017
Kilslug – Sins, Tricks And Lies (2012)

Kilslug are a sludgy band from the USA fronted by the mysterious Larry Lifeless, who initially comes across as a mix between Eyehategod’s Mike Williams, Scott Walker and err, Crank Sturgeon or something like that. Kilslug have been around for yeeears, and the Limited Appeal (what a label!) pressing of Sin, Tricks and Lies is so awesome it makes me want to start collecting vinyl again. I mean, just mosy on over to Discogs and look at that cover, and it plays from the inside out, for fuck’s sake!

I get an almost Christian Death vibe here (run through a thousand fuzz filters, of course!). The opening croons of “Your God is not real!” sets the bar for the type of journey that we are going on. Imagine if Lou Reed fronted Black Sabbath, just for a second. Really, the comparisons can go on and on, but you should really just listen to this thing, especially now that it is in Spotify. Stand out tracks for me are the opener “Hangman’s List”, and the spoopy “March Of The Skeletons”. 

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