Wraith – Naked Aggression (1989)

April 5, 2017
Wraith – Naked Aggression (1989)

Wraith are a ridiculous metal band from the UK, who I can only imagine expired quite some time ago, falling into the pits of obscurity along with dozens of failed major label deals and washed up airbrush artists. I mean, wallowing in the mire of death and grind for so long has exposed me to some absolute shiners when it comes to record sleeves, but whoever painted this deserves a fucking medal; that has to be one of the worst album sleeves in the history of music. 

Sound wise, I gotta say that I enjoy this, which is as surprised a statement as the words that I uttered when first laying eyes on that cover art (sorry to focus on it so much, but honestly, it is the only reason I actually listened to this thing in the first place). Sure, it leans more towards Motley Crue than it does to say, Venom, but I didn’t turn it off before it ended, so it can’t have been that bad, right? Right!? Just don’t ask me to try and name any standout tracks….

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