Ghost – Opvs Eponymovs (2010)

January 21, 2017
Ghost – Opvs Eponymovs (2010)

Ghost (or is that Ghost B.C.?) have easily become one of the most over-rated bands in modern rock and metal, and it is sometimes easy for me to forget about their fairly awesome beginnings. It would possibly be super-hipster of me to consider them to have entered the realm of plebs and rocker dads (I played this for my Dad in 2011 and he didn’t like it, FYI) but I’m gonna be unprofessional as fuck and just sweepingly generalise that everything Ghost has done Infestissumam onwards is a steaming pile of mediocre shit. As soon as I heard that fucking Abba cover, my relationship with Ghost was over.

Opvs Eponymovs still exists, however. It isn’t as if I spin this thing often, but I would have considered myself a fan, and I own this on purple vinyl. I kinda saw it as everything I ever wanted King Diamond to be, and I was initially charmed with the band’s image and kooky occult rock songs. On Opvs, Ghost played fun, quirky rock that was as infectious as it was stupefying. Case in point, “The Night Of The Witch”, with one of the hammiest choruses ever written, is also one of the greatest things ever put to tape. The same can be said for “Prime Mover”, and even “Elizabeth”, to a degree. “Genesis” is a fantastic instrumental song and a perplexing closer to the album.

I play this and remember the good ol’ days, as I sit in my rocking chair with my whiskey and my hipster beard. Sometimes I like to think how much money Lee Dorrian has made off this band, but sometimes I can be a pointless asshole. Next!

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