Fire Walk With Me – Flesh World (2014)

September 3, 2016
Fire Walk With Me – Flesh World (2014)

Every year or so I come back to this project and record something new. I’m currently working on the 4th release for this project, and that got me thinking – I need to do another post about this shit. I can’t review it, as it’s mine, but I can tell you a bit about it. Flesh World is the second Fire Walk With Me record, and is by far my favourite; even out of the new one that’s almost finished. How’s that for a bleak noise outlook; I already think the best stuff is in the past, why are we even alive? Haha

This whole thing started in Cornwall when I had some time on my hands. Copious amounts of Stella Artois, weirdos on Plenty Of Fish and a binge watch of two seasons of Twin Peaks brought me to the usual frustration of wanting to record something noisy. Only, when I came to put it down, it just wouldn’t come. I guess maybe it was the sleepy, laid back nature of my southern surroundings at the time. Instead I took a gentler route (there’s still some noise), playing the longer, more ambient game. I did a lot of research on unsettling noises, and actually ended up sampling a lot of stuff from devices that had converted space probe signals into actual sounds.

I keep meaning to put a few of these on CDr so I can shift ’em at Judas Cradle shows, but I’m just a lazy fuck. As always though, it’s completely free to stream and download, so if this concoction sounds like your thing, do me a favour and try it out. Nice one!

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