1349 – Demonoir (2010)

September 1, 2016
1349 – Demonoir (2010)

Demonoir is a ferocious, blasting beast with enough venom to put most of the black metal scene to shame. Mixing volatile, confusing, almost mathematic song structures with endless battery attacks and monolithic, pensive vocal contributions, Demonoir is surely the calling card for the black metal pure bloods. Marrying brutality with subtly, dissonance with solidarity, grimm with the khold (sorry haha), 1349 are on top form as ever. There is simply no way I can ever fault a 1349 record. It just isn’t possible, unless Pink Floyd is involved.

There is a puzzling array of cover sleeves for this record. None of them are particularly amazing, but I find the one I chose above to be the most profound and intriguing. The text and brilliant red seem blazing in comparison to the muddy nature of the actual art itself. Perhaps it is meant to highlight the cold clashes of 1349’s lightening fast blurs and searing precision? Who truly knows… 

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