Benediction – Grind Bastard (1998)

June 28, 2016
Benediction – Grind Bastard (1998)

I’ve caught Benediction live a few times (with Dave Hunt on vocals) and they have always killed it, so in my recent hunt for new tunes I decided it was probably time that I check out a studio recording by the band. They’ve got a pretty long and eventful career, so I wasn’t sure where to start, but the name of this record just jumped right out at me (I wonder why…). I’m not entirely sure what any of this has to do with grindcore (edit: nothing at all) but break time rolled around at work, so I trekked over to the nearest Subway and sat there eating a rip-off elongated sandwich, whilst this fed my mind…

On first listen I thought that Barney Greenway from Napalm Death was on this, but a swift Google search revealed that it is actually Dave Ingram, although Barney has provided vocals for this band in times past! Not a coincidence, no doubt. Benediction seem to bridge together thrash and death metal into a mix of their own, creating a mid-paced but interesting concoction that is downtuned and growly yet not boring and repetitive. The little things make this record; the songs are not mind-numbingly technical but the sneaky, gorgeous drum fills are fantastic, and the riffs float with nuance despite their chuggy heavyness.

I’m a bit late to the party but I will be looking for my Benediction records in the future.

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