Slayer – South Of Heaven (1988)

It says a lot when your favourite album by a band is a covers album (Undisputed Attitude). Add to that the sea of shit Slayer have been peddling both recordings wise and sensationalist news wise the last few years, and sprinkle that with me happening to catch a series of lacklustre live performances over the last five years or so. Cumulatively, I could be forgiven maybe for overlooking the fact that Slayer do actually have a few decent albums, South Of Heaven being one of them.

I have a verrrrrrry limited palette for thrash (usually not going any further than the odd GWAR record or Municipal Waste’s second album) but you can’t deny that Slayer have their own brutal sound, more so detectable here and on Reign In Blood than elsewhere; that super-evil, lightening fast thrash metal which captured the hearts of thousands of spotty teenagers the world over. If I was pubing it up during Slayer’s glory days, I probably would have fucking lived and breathed this shit.

I don’t need to tell you to listen to Slayer.