Circle Of Dead Children – Human Harvest (2003)

To be fair, CODC are one of the few bands that successfully managed to mix death metal with grindcore. I bought Zero Comfort Margin when I was a teenager and didn’t really get it; the band play quite an artsy, progressive spin on grinding death metal, and also in hindsight I realise that Zero Comfort Margin probably wasn’t the best place to start with this band. But thanks to the powers that rule on the ‘net (idiots like me who think they know everything) I was directed to this little shit of an album. That’s more like it, pal!

The first thing I noticed about CODC is the sheer depth of the low vocals. This shit is off-the-chart low. I’m talking Glenn Benton and Jason Mendonca low. The low vocals work perfectly (alongside the odd ‘reee’, ‘breee’ and ‘skreee’) with the buzzing ferocity of the guitars and the clean, precise drumming. The majority of the songs are ferocious one minuters, but there’s a smattering of microblasts too, the shortest being “White Trash Headache” at a meagre six seconds. The longer, more drawn-out tracks like “Mother Pig” and “My Supernatural (Bells Ring Slowly)” are captivating, nauseating and generally uncomfortable. In the best way possible, of course.

All in all, a brutal and disturbing grindcore / death metal crossover record.