Broken Hope – Loathing (1997)

Broken Hope have been on my stuff-to-check-out list since they were announced for OEF this year. It’s funny, death metal’s appeal for me is growing as I get older. When I was younger I didn’t have much time for a whole lot of death metal, it all sounded the same to me, despite the fact that I am heavily into grindcore and all sorts of other metal. But hey, I guess it’s just one of those things. I’m glad I’m changing my tastes up a bit though because a few years ago I would have written Broken Hope into the seemingly bottomless category of music called “Boring Death Metal”.

Loathing is a mechanical and clinical exercise in the classic death metal template. The riffs are technical yet traditional, the drums dryer than a London gin and the vocals typically Cookie Monster-y to the absolute max. I guess if you sucked the jazzy bass playing out of early Cryptopsy you wouldn’t be a million miles away. But yeah, I’m really into this shit. “Siamese Screams” has a killer fucking riff and “High On Formaldehyde” has an over-arching slam vibe to it. A whole bunch of eery samples hold the whole thing together. Top stuff.

Between their OEF performance and their upcoming UK/European tour with Internal Bleeding, I’m very much looking forward to catching Broken Hope in the next few months.