Dead Meadow – Dead Meadow (2000)

September 29, 2014
Dead Meadow – Dead Meadow (2000)

Welcome to a world of fuzz.

Boasting one of the greatest (yet simplest) guitar tones that I have ever heard, Dead Meadow’s turn of the century debut dreamscape of a record is a fantastic trip through a stoned, lush world of 60s and 70s influenced rock music. The opening track, “Sleepy Silver Door”, is quite simply one of the greatest things ever put to tape. It’s one of my favourite stoner-related tracks, with simple yet amazing riff, beastly guitar solo and epic lyrics: “Can’t find a key to the sleepy silver door / I’m washed up on the shore of reality”.

If you are prepared to wade through a swamp of steaming rock music, viewing life through the lens of a grainy outdoor camera that the BBC used in the 80s, I strongly recommend you some Dead Meadow. It is the perfect music for a serene low-dose trip on nature’s finest psilocybin-rich fungi, to traverse forests and mountains – potentially barefoot – pondering the wonders of nature and generally just feeling really good about yourself and everything around you.

I’ll be quiet now. Spark up and love.

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