Led By Lions – A Long Time Coming (2014)

August 19, 2014
Led By Lions – A Long Time Coming (2014)

Led By Lions are a band that are fairly local to me, with members hailing from several areas of South Wales. This band was born from the ashes of long-running metal-meets-pop-punk group Man Of The Hour, who have been flogging the local circuit in various guises since 2007, so A Long Time Coming has been, well…a long time coming, really. Led By Lions is essentially the final incarnation of Man Of The Hour, with the added inclusion of a new full-time frontman, Scott Randall. Former vocalist/guitarist Richard Meyrick now focuses entirely on his guitar role, and the main back up vocals are provided instead by second guitarist James Heard (and the rest of the band in a live setting, no doubt).

The first notable thing about Led By Lions other than the new vocals is the chunky, impressively professional production standard and heavy sound. Without being over-triggered, the drums are solid and dense in the mix, as is, rather nicely, the bass (provided by Small Fortunes / Start! Start! lunatic Gareth Burrough). I’m not sure what tuning this is all recorded in, but it adds a welcome grating metal edge to what would essentially be a very melodic and poppy performance.

This was self-financed and self-released by the band themselves, and you can hear the EP in it’s entirety if you are using Spotify (clicky clicky). Physical copies will be available later in the year, and you can also check out the promo video for the song “Fall Of A Giant” below.

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