Jesus Cröst ‎– Töt (2008)

January 9, 2014
Jesus Cröst ‎– Töt (2008)

Holy mother of fuck this is some fast fucking grindcore. This shit puts shame upon a whole world of bands claiming on “fast” and “brutal”; Töt is a short, sharp explosion of anger, distortion and all the blastbeats left in Holland. I guess it helps that the production is proper high-end and crystal clear, giving Jesus Cröst all the professional space they need to fully unfold their maelstrom of football-themed fastcore fuckery. Soccergrind? Maybe not, but at least it sounds amazing!

Opener “Taurin 400” really sets the pace and bar for the rest of the record; a blasting and pummelling assualt of the senses that lasts a mere matter of seconds. It is hard to really tell the tracks apart by name, although there is the odd riff casually thrown in for good measure. Other than that though it’s all blast blast blast, fast fast fast! I guess Jesus Cröst know what they are about, and just get the fuck on with it, and quickly too. If you know what you’re looking for in your music and this happens to be it then look no further my friend! Ha ha!

The “Bonustrax” live recordings from OEF 2008 tacked onto the end of the record leave a lot to be desired, however. I’m not sure how an accurate portrayal of Jesus Cröst live these recordings show, but this is pretty awful. The band here sound nothing like the amazing band on the studio tracks here. This is also available on a white 10″ but I bought it on CD first so what are you gonna do…out on France’s excellent Bones Brigade records.

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