Dehydrated Tissues – Gore Junkie (2012)

Holy shit this is some of the grooviest goregrind stuff I’ve heard in a long while! I just wanna get up and dance around the house, or more preferably a muddy field in the Czech Republic. I’m glad to be set to release a 4″ record of this guy later this year – that is something I am greatly looking forward to. Pairing the nasty sounds of early LDOH with the “vibe” that I can only associate with the Myspace days of goregrind, and taking the groovy riffs and pitch-shifted vocal styles along the lines of Rompeprop, Dehydrated Tissues packs a hell of a gory punch!

Gore Junkie was written and recorded entirely by the one member of the group; Bobby Maggard. It was also self-released on his own label, the aptly-titled Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions. You can get this record (and hundreds of others) directly from the guy himself so check out his stuff!