Clunge / Hyperemesis – Split 6″ Lathe (2012)

January 28, 2013
Clunge / Hyperemesis – Split 6″ Lathe (2012)

I put this out around Christmas time on my part-time label Pointless Records, and even managed to shift all ten copies. Holy shit, that’s a fucking first! Ha ha. These were cut for me by a lovely American chap by the name of Graham, who was exceptional in handling this project. Get at me for his contact info, if your looking for some cutting.

Obviously I can’t review Clunge as it’s my creation but I will say that Canadian one-man goregrinder Hyperemesis does make a pretty impressive gurgling racket. Below is a link to the Pointless Bandcamp page where you can download the whole thing for free, or just give it a stream (RIP). I was going to upload an actual lathe play through in all it’s mono crackling glory, but I still haven’t got around to doing it. D’oh!

(2021 edit: This was re-released on cassette in 2017 on Ill Faith Records. I never recieved my artist copies lol)

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