Agathocles / P.O.S. – Split 7″ (2008)

January 18, 2013
Agathocles / P.O.S. – Split 7″ (2008)

Another Agx split with (apparent) original songs here, so I went ahead and got it from the Goatgrind Records distro. The Agx stuff is fairly good but the sound leaves a lot to be desired. As far as I can tell it isn’t live or anything, but it really is a nasty recording. Yes, yes, I am still fully aware of what genre I’m reviewing here but is it too much to want on some clarity every now and then? Regardless, Agathocles do what they do best here, and I should just be thankful that the songs are originals.

P.O.S. on the other hand aren’t worth mentioning at all. Well, I guess they are but they their stuff on this disc did nothing for me and I found them extremely uninspiring, and even rather boring. Oh well. I’ve only given it one listen so far but my first impression is rather grim. This record is out on 330 black copies thanks to the wonderful Bringer of Gore records. 

PS I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I got this record from Goatgrind Records, who is unfortunately closing down. Check out his closing down deals on 7″s, tapes and CDs. Also, there are no links for this online. Gutted. 

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