Scorn – Refuse; Start Fires (2010)

August 12, 2012

As far as dubstep goes I’m still pretty inexperienced, but as my musical tastes somehow mutate drastically I find myself listening more and more to this genre. Scorn for me were the in-road into this electronic genre I would have maybe never touched otherwise, despite the fact a lot of types of dubstep (or gorestep) artists mimic the structure and heaviness of metal music. This double 12″ by Ohm Resistance however, does not strike any resemblance to the pseudo-dub-metal that Scorn once shat out many moons ago.

I have heard this style of music described as both darkstep and dungeon dubstep; and I can see how the slow, clanking, echoic and vividly dark vibe lends itself excellently to these well deserved tags. A lot of Mick Harris’ later Scorn stuff tends to blend together, but Refuse; Start Fires stands out from the later offerings by incorporating a real drumming performance alongside the usual ear-drum piercing sampled snares and bass hits. This adds a strange dynamic to the otherwise rather clinical and menacing Scorn sound that hasn’t been seen since the days of Colossus etc. when Harris performed drums himself.

My one criticism is that if you are actively listening then the songs can drag on a bit too long at times and can be a bit repetitive (no offence), but if your listening as background music (which I often do with Scorn due to its eerie but chilled out nature), you won’t notice. Refuse seems void of typical ‘drops’ as it were but still gets heavy now and then with nizzling bass and the odd bangin’ fuckin’ wup wups, if you get my drift, yo.

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