Gut – Pimps Of Gore (2006)

May 13, 2012

To say that The Cumback split Gut’s fanbase in half would be an understatement; 2006’s rap metal crossover fuckfest alienated more goregrind fans than you’d care to even think existed! Who then, I hear you cry, keeps pressing Gut records? And who the fuck still buys them? Well, the answer is labels like Supreme Chaos and idiots like me, it would seem.

Pete Steele (may he rust in piece) in an interview about Type O Negative once said something along the lines of: “half our fans are serious goths, the other half get the joke”. I think that this applies to Gut. I get the joke. There really shouldn’t be rapping in goregrind, but it sure is funny as fuck. I’m not entirely 100% sure if Gut are still serious or not, but I’m pretty certain they are in on the fun, regardless. The same fun that these hardcore goregrinders are missing out on because they have their semen-soaked panties still all up in a bunch about the fact a band might have changed somewhat in the eleven year gap between records.

My word is relax, yo! I get that it might not be everyone’s bag of severed bitch heads, but long may terrible genres of music mingle in cringe-worthy unison! 

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