V/A – Valley Of Death Records: 6 Lessons Of Hate – Split 7″ (2007)

6 Lessons Of Hate 7″ Compilation featuring Subduxtion, Urophagia, Deterioration, Nippercreep, Fecal Bacteria & Mixomatosis. Released on the now defunct Valley Of Death Records (which was run by myself, of all people). 250 were pressed on black, 250 on blue/green splatter. This particular record is number 111 out of 500.

I learned all about the ups and downs of running an indy label whilst working on this 7″ record. It’s a lot harder than you would think, and a lot more expensive. The original goal was to create a 12″ compilation with a whole range of bands. That eventually ended up as a 7″ because I got sick of trying to keep track of everyone. In the end I think that the diversity here led more to the record’s failure, rather than help it sell. It opens with a techno beat, blasts through some gore grind and then shreds through death metal, before side B introduces us to thrash influenced hardcore punk, more gore grind and then finishing with a bad live recording of Mixomatosis. The Urophagia track is hands down my favourite. The artwork is by the hugely talented horror / comic book artist Lou Rusconi.

It was a bit of a shitshow to organise, entirely on my part, but I am proud of it nonetheless.