Lucifer’s Hammer – The Burning Church (1994)

June 2, 2024

Glorious metal of olde that looks like black metal but sounds like death metal! It is perhaps crazy to think that there was once a time where both genres were not so accurately defined, but 1994 was not this time – both were very much established by then. So, the stunning cover image and title(s) were a deliberate design decision. Interesting! It certainly makes for a change from all the usual guts and gore.

As far as death metal goes, The Burning Church is on the slower end of the spectrum, and despite the dusty, forgotten feel of this demo recording, all instruments are balanced and easily audible: a stinky rehearsal demo this is not. For comparison, bands that spring to mind in a strange mix are Demilich, Nunslaughter, Morbid Angel, even a touch of Goatlord-era Darkthrone (its the drums, for sure). But be fooled not – Lucifer’s Hammer are their own beast.

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