Gut – Odour Of Torture (1995)

March 3, 2024
Gut – Odour Of Torture (1995)

Gut’s first – and by far their best – full length record, where the band mastered their microblasts of fractured filth. The groove level is off the charts here, something which countless copycat bands have attempts to seize and have failed. Expect long, intrusive samples of various strains of perversity from the vaults, up against silly vocal explosions and some of my favourite production ever for a gore/porn grind album. The drums are crystal clear, standing out like bones of a bleached skeleton through the fleshy mush of Gut’s downtuned riffing. Trust me, it’s great shit.

Stand out tracks: “The Taboo Room”, “Cripple Bitch” and “Revel In Cunt Slime”

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