Leeeeheeeheeeeeeeave mmeeeeeeeeeeeee

I’ve probably heard this song a hundred thousand times. Since it’s release in 2004, with my friend’s obsession with the CKY / Bam Margera videos and my sister’s obsession with Ville Valo (before the goth kids got into emo music, although HIM is pretty IMO to be honest haha), this thing seemed to be in the CD player at all times. Be it in the car, in our room, or at my mate’s house.

This is such a stellar collection of HIM’s earlier tracks that it does render the studio albums irrelevant for the casual fan. There are – of course – some gems in the rough but realisitically, if you want to wear a beanie hat, eye liner (or guy liner) and fingerless gloves and want the credentials to do so, then you’ve got everything you need right here.

I’m obviously joking around here, but this is a good CD. The production across all sessions is solid, and whether you like HIM or not, the mass appeal is clearly there.

Also, how the fuck is this CD 20 years old? Holy fuck.