3 Headed Monster – Rampage (2023)

This sounds almost identical to the previous 3HM album, to the point where I’m not even sure if it was from the exact same studio session. Some proper Load and ReLoad ass shit going down here. Like its predecessor, Obliteration, Rampage is firing on all cylinders about 60% of the time, with the rest being pointless, repetitive filler. There’s a moment or two where Ouija Macc gets given the space to shine but for the most part, they could have easily trimmed about half of the shit off of both of 2023’s albums and released one single record that TRULY reignited the fire for modern day wicked shit / horrorcore. Sadly the same quantity over quality model applied to most if not all self-released Psychopathic Records releases applies here to 3HM. Don’t get me wrong, this is some good shit, but a little quality control would go a long way in turning this project from good to great.