Operation Volkstod – Anti-Fascist Black Metal (2019)

This seems to get a lot of shit online, but I’ve got to say that the whole operation (lol) is very well made, IMO. I do understand the (perhaps ironic) constant nods to Burzum in the guitar deparment (not that Burzum is a NSBM band but that’s another story for another day), but hey, this shit fucking rules. What it does lose points for however is the fairly bland and mechanical drum programming. As a fanatic of the most awful and disgusting drum machine grindcore however, I can look past this, but I can understand why maybe others cannot. Don’t get me wrong, it works well, until maybe there are pummelling blasts, double-bass etc., and then it just sounds mechanical as fuck. Aborym has entered the chat.

But yeah, this is fucking good.