Cephalotripsy – Uterovaginal Insertion Of Extirpated Anomalies (2007)

As far as slam goes, then this should tick all of your boxes. Unreadable logo? Check. Late 2000s Visual Darkness album sleeve? Check. Absurd song titles? Check. We’re off to the races, guv’nor!

I’ve got this fucker on vinyl and I gotta be honest it packs a hell of a punch. I’ve often had the complaint that the drums on this thing (whilst performed incredibly well) have a cardboard kind of sound to them, rather than the usual slam ping pings.

Real talk though, this thing is just shy of 40 minutes of intense breakdowns / beatdowns / whatever punctuated by the occasional flurry of gravity blasts. There is no big brain take for me to give you here. Me like slam. Me play record. Me bang head. Tidy.