Cathedral – Caravan Beyond Redemption (1998)

September 24, 2023
Cathedral – Caravan Beyond Redemption (1998)

Peak “woah dude” era Cathedral, where the funky, proggy, stoner elements were at their height. This was before they returned to their heavy roots with albums like Endtyme and VIIth Coming, so one does wonder what made the band change direction like this (only to turn back to the trippier side of life with albums like The Guessing Game).

Andy Sneap produced this one, so whilst it isn’t the Woolven / Cathedral dream team, it still sounds absolutely massive and clear as day. On a song by song basis, the album is very entertaining, and those who enjoy the more “fun” elements to Cathedral’s sound will be right at home. On top of that, “Satanikus Robotikus” is one of the best song names ever penned, and “Voodoo Fire” one of the band’s best tracks from any era.

Caravan Beyond Redemption only pales in comparison when you put it up against the other records from Cathedral, of which there are many that are better than this, both from earlier and later in the discography.

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