Incantation – Onwards To Golgotha (1992)

Onwards to Golgotha is probably the most prominent musical equivalent of the words ‘blunt force trauma’. The music is an assault on the senses, and that assault is being carried out repeatedly, over and over, but some fucking maniac holding a blood-drenched brick in one hand. The other hand is around your throat, btw.

Using such a ridiculous descriptive situation to describe a death metal record is usually done to convey how brutal the record is, how fans of such aural extremity will rejoice in reading such silly anecdotes before making haste to plug in and play such musical depravity at an assortment of unacceptable volumes. But, one realistic thing to take into account, and applicable here to this uncompromising old school death metal release: being smashed in the face repeadely with a house brick is a painful and – forgive me for understating – a difficult experience to get through. In that regard then, it is rather similar to this album.