Pathology – The Time of Great Purification (2012)

Skreeeeeeeeeeee I hope you like brutal fuckin death metal because yknow, that’s what you’re gonna get here. You can say a lot about Pathology but the main thing to take away I think is that they are damn consistent. Production variations aside, as well as natural evolution of sounds, I think it is fair to say their output has been consistently solid over the years. This more recent studio album (currently placed in the second half of the full album run, at the time of writing) is a solid brutal death attack, with smooth and high-end production. Lots of high speed blasts and riffs, and a garnishing of more slamming, grooving passages for those of you who want to throw down. I was listening to this at 11pm whilst revising for a technical exam and I just wanted to get up and spinkick some poor cunt in the face.