Eco Virtual – ATMOSPHERES 第2 (2014)

August 23, 2023
Eco Virtual – ATMOSPHERES 第2 (2014)

Perfect chill and get shit done kinda music right here. As with other folk online, I also thought that this was a Blank Banshee side project, but nowadays I’m not too sure. Either way, shit is great. Real clean production, focussed beats and amazing tunes. Such a shame that it is only 21 minutes long but hey, thankfully there’s more releases from this project.

My highlight has to be the reworking of THAT hold music tune, re-done here under track 7, “Noctilucent”. It is, if I may say so, a certified banger. Do note however that this track is excluded from the Bandcamp version of this EP / album. The YouTube uploads of the album still include it at this time, however.

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