The Gates Of Slumber – Suffer No Guilt (2006)

June 4, 2023
The Gates Of Slumber – Suffer No Guilt (2006)

Saw these guys live a few times back in the day but never considered myself a fan, so was very surprised to find this CD when rummaging through old CDs in the attic. I have absolutely no idea where it came from. It sounds just as I remember Gates Of Slumber to sound, and my 3 year old seems to enjoy it (lmao), but there’s just something about this I cannot enjoy. Some of the songs outstay their welcome for me. Turns out this is sought after quite a bit, so I sold it on (it was snapped up very quickly for very cheap lol) to someone who will no doubt appreciate it a lot more than I do.

I will say however the production of this thing is very well done.

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